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About Us & Our Board of Directors

The Keystone Central Foundation has the power to impact every single student in our school district. 

The Keystone Central Foundation is a small but mighty organization. So small that it took 32 years to hire its first part-time employee in 2020, but so big we can impact every single student that lives in the Keystone Central School District.

Created in 1988 as a 501(c)3 charitable organization for Keystone Central School District, the Foundation is incorporated exclusively for charitable, cultural, and educational purposes to benefit students by promoting education, extracurricular activities and such other charitable purposes as will enhance the education and welfare of students of the Keystone Central School District.

Our mission has remained constant over the years, but the needs from the district continue to increase. Like schools around the country, opportunities available to students just a few years ago have been cut from budgets completely. Our volunteer board of directors fundraise and collaborate with other organizations to fill these unmet needs for our students.

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Meet the KCF Board of Directors

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