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Beth Riccardo

Keystone Central Foundation Treasurer

About Beth:

Graduate of Lock Haven High School, Vanderbilt University (BA) and The Pennsylvania State University (MBA)

Owner of Gearhart, Herr Insurance Agency and Beth H. Riccardo Real Estate

Married and three children that all graduated from Keystone Central School District

Why do you serve on the Keystone Central Foundation Board of Directors?

I serve on KCF board to give children opportunities through educational experiences. Not everyone needs to go to college! They are many wonderful ways to go on after high school and the kids just need some encouragement. We try to provide support to the staff and children with scholarships and other financial assistance.

What do you love most about the Keystone Central Foundation and/or KCSD?

KCSD is a tightly knit community of teachers and administrators that work together to give our children a great childhood education, and they encourage children to live productive lives.

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