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Karen Brandt

About Karen:

Graduate of Pennsylvania College of Medical Arts & Lock Haven University. Retired Practice Administrator for Brandt Eyecare, Inc.

Reside in Lock Haven with my husband John and Mother Sylvia. Most important and rewarding experience of my life was raising our three children: Ashley, J.P. and Kristin.

Why do you serve on the Keystone Central Foundation Board of Directors?

Serving on the Keystone Central Foundation Board has allowed me to engage with a diverse and dedicated group of community members who share my same passion for educ

ation. Education is challenging and quality education cannot be attained without the support of its community. Throughout the years the foundation has assessed the needs of our school district by working closely with KCSD Administration, educators, community members and especially students. This type of collaboration leads to better educational experiences and outcomes. After all, I believe every student and educator in KCSD deserves the support of its community.

What do you love most about the Keystone Central Foundation and/or KCSD?

One of KCSD's greatest assets is the dedication of its teachers not only in the classroom but also through their involvement with students in extra curricular activities. All three of our children graduated from KCSD with a solid education; however, it was their involvement with coaches and community service advisors that helped us mold them into civic minded adults. Education doesn't just occur in the classroom.

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