Jeff Johnston

About Jeff

I am a retired educator living in Sagamore Hills in the Woolrich area and am my region’s representative on the Keystone Central School Board of Directors.

Prior to retirement, I taught Elementary and Middle School students in the Clearfield Area School District for fourteen years before relocating to the Lock Haven area in the late 80’s as an Elementary Principal with KCSD. I served the district in that capacity until 2005 at which time I was named Superintendent of the Canton Area School District in Bradford County, and remained in that position until the time of my retirement.

I am married to my wife, Donna, and we have two daughters, Adrienne who also lives in the Woolrich area and Morgan who lives in Prescott, Arizona. Both daughters are also alumni of KCSD, being graduates of Lock Haven High School. We also have five grandchildren.

Why do you serve on the Keystone Central Foundation Board of Directors?

I am serving as a member of the Keystone Central Foundation, because I believe in their mission, which is to support the efforts of the district and to be there to enhance the educational experience of each and every student in KCSD. The Foundation is an important organization and vital to the district of which I am proud to be a member.

What do you love most about the Keystone Central Foundation and/or KCSD?

As mentioned above I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of the foundation and am proud of the many ways the organization has been able to provide the extras that the district needs to make the educational experience of students, just that much more meaningful. Also, I feel that it is a very exciting time to be a part of Keystone Central. There are many positive things happening in the district under the leadership of our Superintendent, Dr. Jacquelyn Martin. I love the new initiatives, programs and winning culture that is being established here. I truly believe that it is becoming more and more the district of choice in our area.

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